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Thanks to the extensive working and educational
experience achieved in Canada in the Environmental field.
I translate documentation (articles, websites, reports, books, technical brochures etc.) from English to Italian regarding the following subjects:

- General Environmental Documentation
. Environmental Technology
. Natutal Resources
. Environmental Legislation
. Green Economy and Alternative Sources of Energy

- Waste Management
. Agriculture
. Horticulture
. Fishery
. Environmental Engineering
. Climate Control Technology

- And the related branches


Because of my background in Political Science, I am able to manage and translate a wide rage of subjects.

. General Politics
. Religion

- History
. Geography
. Economy

- Immigration Law and Regulations
. International Agreements

- And other related subjects


Thanks to various working experiences and interests, I am also competent and qualified to translate material concerning the following fields:

. Marketing
. Applications and Resumes
. Hotel Management and Tourism
. Music and Painting